Miranda Rights

Understand you rights and warnings.
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Miranda Rights
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Miranda Rights

Know your your Miranda Rights and Miranda Warnings

An arrest record, even one that shows you were never charged or convicted, may be enough to cause an employer to pass on hiring you. An expungement or petition of non-disclosure can eliminate this negative outcome under certain eligibility guidelines. The attorney at The Gill & Brissette LAW Firm regularly helps people in Fort Worth and Tarrant County return to a clean record and reestablish their good names. 

Once you are arrested and charged with a crime, the arresting agency creates a public record and then submits this information to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The information is then entered into the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) and submitted to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). It stays there indefinitely. This is why it is important to take the necessary steps to erase these records or prevent their dissemination to the public.

In most cases, a client eligible for expungement or nondisclosure proceedings is someone who has had a criminal case that was:

  • Dismissed
  • Declined
  • Not Billed
  • Not Guilty / Acquitted by a jury verdict
  • Successfully completed deferred adjudication probation      

The record of your arrest can have lasting implications, especially in an age when private businesses routinely run background checks on potential employees, contractors or rental tenants. Colleges and professional schools (such as medical school, dental school, law school, etc.) and state licensing boards also use this information to weed out candidates.

Miranda Rights
Law Offices of Gill & Brissette June 14, 2024
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