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About Gill and Brissette

We are Tarrant County attorneys who have extensive experience in all facets of criminal law. Through our experience we know how a law enforcement team will try to take away your liberty. We have litigated hundreds of cases ranging from driving while intoxicated and arson cases, to capital murder death penalty cases. As a measure of our experience, we are among the few attorneys currently certified to represent a citizen accused of capital murder where the State is seeking the death penalty. The vast majority of attorneys do not have the experience and qualifications necessary to undertake this task. We bring a unique skillset to our practice. We believe in working directly with our clients from the outset to fully understand their side of the story. Our team conducts an early and thorough investigation of any allegation. Our ability to locate favorable witnesses and preserve digital multimedia evidence (DME) before it is destroyed enables us to make the difference between a conviction and a dismissal of your charges. Public records will indicate that you have been accused of one or more offenses of either felony or misdemeanor level and a specific degree. The range of punishment that you face is based on that level and degree, plus any enhancements being sought on your offense. You are presumed innocent under the law and we intend for that to be the final outcome of your case. We welcome the opportunity to defend you against misdemeanor or felony allegations. Hiring a lawyer to represent you in a serious criminal matter such as this is a decision that can affect the rest of your life. There will be a lot of lawyers competing for your business. Ultimately you must decide who you think has the experience, qualifications and perseverance to best defend your liberty. Treat the selection of your attorney as a job interview. Make sure you understand who you are hiring and why. Make sure you understand how their experience and expertise such as ours is necessary to handle all legal and forensic technicalities of a modern-day court case. Our principal office is conveniently located near Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, in the Sundance Square area. We have flexible office hours that will accommodate your schedule. Our Southlake office is also available to meet if need be. If you have already hired another attorney, please consider us in the future should the need for quality criminal defense services arise.