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Law Offices of Gill and Brissette

 Our Legal Team is Ready to Assist Others Attorneys     

Gill & Brissette stands ready to assist other attorneys with the investigation and trial of complex cases. Our attorneys bring with them the range and depth of their extensive courtroom experience and forensic expertise.           

Experience that Counts    

Gill & Brissette can bring its skill to any criminal, civil, or family law case that involves underlying criminal conduct or digital forensic evidenceIn the preparation and trial of homicide cases, Bob Gill is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Texas criminal trial attorneys. Miles Brissette is recognized statewide for his experience in the investigation and trial of arson cases.           

The Third Chair Family of Companies 

Gill & Brissette has also brought together the leading experts in digital forensics and formed a company to assist attorneys in the investigation, preparation and trial of any case involving digital evidence. Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC is prepared to manage your digital evidence needs beginning with the gathering of digital evidence assets. We also can conduct a thorough evaluation of the available digital evidence, prepare digital evidence for courtroom presentation, prepare for cross-examination of opposing witnesses and preserve error for appeal. Our sister company, Third Chair Technologies LLC, can assist with web pages and office technology.  Contact Gill and Brissette or visit  http://www.thirdchair.com  today for further information on these services.          


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